Why ? Greg Dunivant Photography
HOME RELIABILITY We pride ourself in being at the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, every time. Making sure we arrive early for setup, have the necessary number of people to complete the task, and insure your project is completed on time is what we do. QUALITY Insuring you are presented with the image you desire is our goal. From using the right materials and equipment, to the latest in software and plug-ins, we strive to make it perfect. Using color correcting software and hardware, sharpening tools, and calibrated equipment, we get it right. CREATIVITY Getting the right image is critical, from the technical aspects to the visual appearance. Our creative abilities shine as we give you a look that helps you differentiate yourselves from others. Whether it is with special lighting effects, Photoshop effects, or a combination of both, we will get it done. SERVICE There's nothing more frustrating than not getting an issue resolved. We make every effort to fill your request as soon as possible. From duplicate images, to special touch-ups, or questions and answers, we strive to make it right. Fortunately, we get it right 99.9%, the first time.