In 1972 I picked up a Pentax SLR camera and began my journey in photography. Being in college at the time, resources were slim, but college courses were easy to obtain and helped lower some of the costs in materials and access to a darkroom. I learned old style, film and darkrooms. But I had the rare fortune of working part-time in the world of motor sports, and this introduced me to journalists and photographers of world recognition. For several years I would follow the SI photographer to learn what I could. He mainly kept me from getting killed when I would try and get shots from locations that were to exposed. In that experience I learned how to capture motion and deal with difficult lighting. Then came a family, and my path took a definite different direction for the next 30 years. That 30 years was in the lighting industry, and today that experience still plays a key role in my photography and the understanding of light. While I still played with the camera, the dedication it takes just was not in the cards. Then, in 1992, and being single again, the passion and time returned.




After moving to Phoenix and getting remarried, I now work my trade at every possible moment. I signed on with AZ Golf Central Magazine in 2011, and that has opened many doors to the world of golf and all of it's related industries. Today, whether shooting professional tournaments, documenting a story for clients to share, or photographing products for a web site, we strive to provide our clients with a quality product that conveys an image and story they want to share.




I have moved on to the digital world, not only in the actual photography, but post production as well. While I have the capabilities of limited video, I leave that skill to the videographers who do it so well. Rest assure, I strive to achieve total satisfaction with every client. I look forward to the opportunity of capturing you in 'your best light'.




All the best,